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Pro Tips To Take With You on Your Next Roadtrip

Road trips are fun and exciting but can be stressful as well. Throughout my years of travelling, I have come across some great tips to prepare you for your time on the road.

#1. Clean your vehicle

When getting ready to leave for a road trip, being neat and organize will do you wonders. Having a clean car will reduce stress and make things easier to find. You also want to make sure that you clean your vehicle every couple of days to prevent the buildup of trash.

#2. Know Your Route

The worse thing that can happen while on…
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Using Dish Detergent to Clean Your Car Is a Bad Idea! You Need a Good Car Cleaning Solution

You do not want go out and wash your car with anything like dish detergent; it works on grease because it is alkaline, or a base, with a high pH level. You probably know not to use anything that is acidic as this will slowly eat away at not only the painted surfaces of your car, but also the chrome and polyethylene compounds as well.

A good car cleaning solution should have a balanced PH close to the '7 Mark' and have what are known as 'Surfactants' along with lubricants.

In simple terms, surfactants are chemical compounds with molecules that…
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The 2017 Ford Escape is Worth Getting Excited About

Want to keep that "new car" feeling, even if your car isn't new anymore? Then the Ford Escape is the SUV for you. Its stylish exterior to its lavish interior will get you excited whether you've driven it once or one hundred times. It has a hands-free, foot-operated lift gate to make life easier, and an Enhanced Active Park Assist System in case you don't love to park in rally tight parking spots. I've yet to meet someone who does...Its Auto Start-Stop Technology saves you major gas moola, and its safety features like its Lane-Keeping…
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Rotating Your Tires

Some people are confused when we recommend a tire rotation. "Why do I need to rotate my tires, they're spinning just fine?" Rotating your tires does not refer to spinning your tire on the axle but instead removing the tire from the axle and moving it to the other. So either a front tire is moved to the back axle and a back tire is moved to the front axle. So why do we recommend this? Front tires wear differently than the back tires, so by rotating the tires this wear can happen more evenly on the tires. This…
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Ford Impacting Breast Cancer Patients in a Powerful Way

For 23 years The Ford Motor Company has created a fund, "Warriors in Pink," to help breast cancer patients, survivors and co-survivors come together to fight against this horrible epidemic. The "Warriors in Pink" Fund donates 100% of the proceeds from their apparel line to four breast cancer charities so that the recipients may be able to live their lives to the fullest, while battling this disease. The fund also runs a "Models of Courage…

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Travel With The New Ford Fusion

Traveling has never been easier than with the all new 2017 Ford Fusion. Back and better than ever the new Ford Fusion offers a large variety of comfort and efficiency features to make traveling easier than ever. Standard models can get up to 23 City miles per gallon and up to 34 highway miles per gallon making it extremely fuel efficient and great for travel. The standard six-speed automatic transmission with the anti-lock braking system make for a smooth easy ride. Comfort features such as the ten way power driver seat as well as the rear center armrest and front…
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