"Redefine Giving"

As I was scrolling through our Fred Martin social media pages, I spotted the hash tag #RedefineGiving... it stuck out to me! Around this time of year if you ask anyone if they're excited for the holiday season you'll hear these responses "I'm ready for it to be OVER" or my favorite, "It's just another day..." This Christmas, let's redefine giving! Christmas is a holiday, not a bully! It's a day of laughter and memories to be made with family, not a day for feeling inadequate for not getting the "perfect" gift for someone... 


This Christmas, let's give gifts of kindness, and love! One characteristic for loving someone is acknowledging a need in their life! This year, if you know of a loved one, or someone you know that desperately needs their vehicle serviced, we have a Ford Service Credit card available to apply for financing or you can purchase one of our Fred Martin Ford, Mercedes Benz gift certificates! They're available at the front desk in our Ford showroom! Give the gift of a loved one's vehicle getting the service it desperately needs! Car trouble can be prevented by taking the necessary steps to maintain a vehicle. Here are some service coupons to help set you and your loved ones up for success! Below is the link for some service coupons! Check them out! 




Link: https://www.fredmartinford.net/parts-service-coupons/index.htm  

Service Department  number  (888) 309-0776


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