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Imagine it's a Monday morning. Everyone has experienced a "Monday morning", you know? The type of Monday where the weekend didn't last long enough? As you scurry to get dressed, and try to motivate yourself for the busy week ahead...that kind of Monday morning. Well, don't be discouraged! We all have experienced those days. The day goes on, and as you set off in your endeavor to embark on a new day, and place the keys into the ignition of your car, and, you hear a sound that triggers pure irritation...the sound of a dead battery.

A car is a beautiful machine, and we underestimate how much we truly rely on our vehicles to make it through daily life! Here are some reasons, as to why your car battery might die:

· Drainage: It might be that you left something turned on while your car was off.

· Alternator: The alternator works to charge your batteries while you drive the car. If there is something wrong with the alternator, the battery is not charged according to the requirement and slowly exhausts itself from continuous use.You must get your alternator checked every once in a while to beat this problem.

· Temperature: Severe climatic conditions can also damage the battery completely. In case of severe high temperature when mercury burns more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the car batteries exhaust themselves because excessive heat takes more energy to run the car. Similarly, in extreme cold temperatures, the motor oil becomes very thick and restrains the battery from starting the engine properly. Cold temperatures also detract the chemical reactions required to start the engine.

· Old Battery: A battery can live normally from four to six years. The battery slowly deteriorates with age. When this starts to happen, the battery cannot properly hold its charge and slowly loses all charge.


A great way to avoid this immobilizing event is to not be stagnant in getting your battery tested! At Fred Martin of Youngstown, we provide free battery testing! And coupons for if you decide to purchase a new battery through our service department! Also, you can schedule a service appointment on our website as well!



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