How To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Crazy to think that we are only a few months away from the new year! Now is the time to run through your Winter Vehicle Checklist and make sure your car is ready for any possible wintery weather conditions. Here's a list of things to update or check:


1) Tires


  • Every driver knows that Winter means slippery roads, as well as, potholes...and those summer tires just won't do the trick.


2) Rust-proofing


  • I had this done to my car and let me tell you, I feel better knowing that the bottom of my car won't rust or erode no matter how much snow is on the ground!


3) Coolant/Anti-freeze


  • Get this updated, so your car won't overheat!


4) Check ALL fluids


5) Keep an emergency container or book bag of necessities!


  • You can purchase these online or you can put together a bag of thick clothing, bottles of water, jumper cable, first aid kit, battery operated radio, flashlight with extra batteries, snack food (energy bars), etc.


Follow these steps and this winter will be enjoyable and safe for you and the whole family!

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