Take a Look at the Capability Features of the Ford Edge

When life starts throwing problems at you, it is important to have the right vehicle to help get you through to the other side. For local residents, the new Ford Edge might just be the perfect tool for the job. Put simply, this SUV is jam-packed full of helpful capability features.

The staff here at Fred Martin Ford Inc. have been particularly impressed by the Edge's available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system. This feature monitors the vehicle's traction levels and balances its torque output in order to keep the driver and their passengers safe in even the trickiest road or weather conditions.

Once you do get where you are going, the Ford Edge even helps you park. Its standard rearview camera makes getting into even the narrowest parking space a breeze. Of course, if your camera gets a little dusty or dirty, you can always use the built-in washer to clean it off.



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