Common Dashboard Warning Indicators

Your dashboard has sensors to monitor how your car behaves. When the dashboard lights up or blinks, your vehicle could have minor faults or something likely to cause expensive damages. Consult our Ford service experts in Youngstown, OH for an auto checkup if you notice the dashboard warning lights below:

  • Flashing lights may signal a brake fluid or brake system problem, which will need servicing right away.
  • An ECU warning light shows either the lack of power in the auto engine and you may hear intermittent stuttering sounds when you press your accelerator. Driving the car further can lead to irreparable engine damages.
  • Airbag warning lights indicate your airbag won't protect you if a road accident happens.
  • The illuminated EPAS warning or power steering light signals a steering system fault, so you cannot maneuver your vehicle.
  • The coolant light may show the engine is overheating or head gasket failure.

Our Ford repair and service team will address the problems right away to avoid potentially costly repair bills. Schedule service with our excellent team today!

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