Ignore the 3,000-Mile Myth

Come in and see our trained staff at Fred Martin Ford Inc, who can give you the correct information when it comes to finding out how far you can actually drive on your present oil. How many times have you looked at your odometer and said to yourself that it is time for an oil change because your vehicle has gone 3,000 miles between oil changes? If you can say that this has happened to you a lot, then maybe you should consider doing a little bit more research on your specific vehicle.

If you drive a late-model vehicle, chances are you can go a lot farther and a lot longer between oil changes. There are new factory requirements set by auto makers that have raised the distance that can be traveled before an oil change needs to be performed. When it does come time, whether it is 5,000 or 10,000 miles down the road, come down to our Youngstown, OH service center so that we can professionally change your oil and dispose of your used oil in an environmentally-safe way.

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