New Ford Taurus and Two Important Technology Features

When the team at Fred Martin Ford Inc. discovers something about a new vehicle on the lot, we can't wait to share that information with our buyers. Today we take a closer look at why two technology features make the all-new Ford Taurus such a popular full-size sedan.

The Blind Spot Information System equipped in the new Ford Taurus will be working hard as you drive to spot when another driver is in one of your blind spots. If a car is detected, your side mirror on that side will flash to give you a visual alert to not leave the lane on that side until the car is gone.

One of the features in the Ford Taurus that is keeping you safe on the road is the Adaptive Cruise Control. Utilizing forward mounted sensors to identify a lead vehicle, the system will then assist with braking or accelerate in order to maintain that set buffer so that you have a safer driving distance.



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