Safer Driving Through Onboard Computing – 2018 Ford Fiesta

Over the years, engineers, law enforcement and attentive parents have done everything in their power to try to enforce and encourage safe driving practices, not just for the safety of the drivers themselves, but others on the road. We care about how safe the streets are for ourselves and our families. But, until a recent innovation by Ford, there was only so much we could do.

The 2018 Ford Fiesta offers a unique onboard computer system called MyKey. What can this do? All kinds of neat things. First and foremost, it can take advantage of push-button ignition to prevent starting if seat belts aren’t buckled. It can be programmed to enforce stereo volumes and cap speeds. On top of these, it also has a depth-perceiving rear view camera for safe backing up and parallel parking.

To experience this new definition of practicality and safety, visit us today at Fred Martin Ford Inc. for a test drive.



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