Things to Love About Ford Fusion Tech Features

Ford Fusion has many tech features to love, but we here at Fred Martin Ford Inc. submit the following two for your consideration. These features are ahead-of-trend, eco-friendly and just plain wonderful.

The Fusion epitomizes green, with its three different energy modes to chose from. EV Auto uses electricity but switches to gas engine if necessary. EV Now uses only electricity, and EV Later saves electricity for later use. Each mode is highly efficient, getting great city/highway mileage while reducing emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Fusion treats drivers and passengers to a super-fast in-cabin Wi-Fi network with a 50-foot range. The AT&T-powered network permits up to 10 users on laptops or mobile devices, with 4G LTE speeds for surfing, streaming and downloading during daily commutes, weekend getaways and extended road trips. FordPass has a built-in feature that lets you track data usage in case you have self-imposed caps. Experience Ford Fusion tech today with a test drive at Fred Martin Ford Inc.



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