Life is a Little Bit Easier in the Ford Escape

When you have a full schedule, a convenience-focused vehicle can make a big difference. The Ford Escape, a popular compact SUV, has you covered. Engineered to make your life easier, this model is perfect for drivers who make every minute count.

Our team knows that parking in Youngstown, OH sometimes requires you to get into tight spots. With the available Park Assist 2.0 on the Escape, you can slip into any spot with confidence. The secret is in the technology — just put the SUV in neutral, push the button, and the Escape parks for you.

Have you ever needed to dig around for your keys when your arms were full? With the Escape's optional hands-free liftgate, you can leave your key in your bag. Just get close to the bumper and pass your foot underneath; the liftgate opens automatically for hassle-free loading. Try it out when you visit Fred Martin Ford Inc. to test-drive the Ford Escape.

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