Cars are getting smarter and smarter, and the Ford Fusion is keeping pace. This popular midsize sedan is engineered with the most exciting technology on the market. That means that with every drive, you can stay connected and in control.

Traffic in Youngstown, OH can be hard to predict, but the Fusion's Ford Co-Pilot 360 has your back. It uses features like blind spot alerts, lane-keeping assistance, and emergency braking to monitor the other cars on the road and help you react faster. Even when distractions arise, the Fusion stays alert.

Stay linked to your phone as you drive the Fusion; with its SYNC 3 system, you can connect Apple and Android phones for safe access. Use the voice-activated system to figure out the best route or make calls, all while keeping your hands safely on the wheel. Try out this user-friendly system by stopping in to Fred Martin Ford Inc. and taking a test drive.


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