The F-150 remains a favorite among full-sized pickup owners who appreciate the vehicle's reliability and longevity. The latest models are built to be more durable than ever. Learn more about the newest models by visiting our Ford sales location and taking a road test.

The pickups are constructed using a special heat-treated and hardened aluminum alloy. The metal is lighter and weight and commonly used to manufacture military vehicles. The lighter weight metal enables Ford to increase the thickness of the material where needed to enhance overall payload capacity and hauling power.

The frame is built using high-intensity steel that is up to 78 percent stronger. The frame also includes a number of cross beams to ensure durability and increase rigidity. Yet, the frame is estimated at being 60 pounds lighter. Depending on the model and engine chosen, the F-150 easily hauls anywhere from 11,400 to 13,200 pounds.



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