All of Ford Explorer's technology features are worth noting, but our Fred Martin Ford Inc. team chose the following two in the interest of time. Explorer remains a popular entry in the three-row SUV category, and with good reason. It handles like a pro, delivers tons of power, boasts advanced safety and respectable fuel efficiency. Its array of tech features merely put icing on the cake.

It's All Downhill From Here

Descending hills needn't be a risk. Explorer puts its Hill Descent Control feature at your disposal. This tech feature automatically engages the brakes as you descend an incline, ensuring a consistent, safe speed during the journey.

No More Glare From Behind

?Nothing blinds you more quickly and intensely than headlights shining from behind you directly into your drive side mirror at night. Fortunately, Explorer puts an end to this with its auto-dimming driver side mirror. The mirror darkens when exposed to bright light at nighttime, reducing glare that distracts and blinds you.


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