Ford Fiesta makes it easy to feel secure through its safety design features, but the work doesn't end there. Design features for this popular subcompact include touches for looks and comfort.

Safety is a design Fiesta prioritizes. Critical safety zones, such as the front rails and beams and the floor structure, incorporate high-strength boron steel to add strength and create a complex roll cage. Inside, occupants have a seven airbag system for protection. This includes side-curtain bags for the first and second rows and a bag that inflates between the instrument panel and the driver's knees. On the softer side of design, enjoy sitting on upgraded upholstery seats. Options include sport seats, heated front seats and leather trimming. Fiesta also has ambient lighting.

Wouldn't you like to see these design features up close? Visit Fred Martin Ford Inc. showroom in Youngstown for a test drive.


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