Used Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for Sale near Warren, OH

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Used Fuel-Efficient Vehicles for Sale In Youngstown

Hybrid and electric vehicles are revolutionizing the auto industry. Almost all car brands are releasing hybrid and electric vehicles that are more efficient, and while most people are considering spending less on gas, these vehicles are the best option. At Fred Martin Ford Inc., we have a large selection of used fuel-efficient vehicles to choose from.

Best Ford Models for Fuel Efficiency

If your main goal is to increase fuel efficiency, consider getting the Ford Escape. The SUV has a three-cylinder engine that produces up to 180 horsepower and a standard front-wheel-drive configuration. It averages a combined efficiency of 30 miles per gallon. For drivers who want a smaller vehicle in Warren, OH, the Ford Mustang can serve you right. Although it's fitted with a V8 engine, the Mustang EcoBoost can deliver an outstanding fuel efficiency of 30 miles per gallon on the highway.

Drivers who want an eco-friendly car in Canfield can check out Ford hybrid and electric vehicles. The Ford Maverick is the first truck to have a standard hybrid version. It's a true workhorse that averages 42 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon on the highway. The Ford F-150 has an electric powertrain, the F-150 Lightning, with a driving range of 230 miles when the battery pack is fully charged.

Fuel-Efficient Models from Other Brands

We also have fuel-efficient vehicles from other brands. The VW Jetta and the VW Golf are compact sedans with a combined fuel economy of 33 and 32 miles per gallon, respectively. Also, check out the Toyota Prius and the Honda CR-V since they have fuel-efficient hybrid versions.

Why Buy a Used Car?

Used cars are a good choice since they are cheaper than new cars and come with lower insurance premiums and registration costs. Moreover, you can get a better deal when buying a used car because depreciation is not an issue. You also have a range of options to choose from when buying a used car.

Visit Fred Martin Ford Inc. near Girard and take advantage of our used fuel-efficient vehicles for sale. Give us a call to schedule a test drive through Nile, OH, today!